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Health of Baby Before Birth - Flyer (3)

Free Talk: Changing the Health of Your Baby Before Birth

By Kirti Deol |

Laying down the foundation of health not only helps your baby, but also will ensure that you are healthy during the pregnancy and birth to prevent any complications. Learn More…

Vitamin B12 Shot - Invitation (1)

Vitamin B12 Injection

By Kirti Deol |

Vitamin B12 injection- Get energized! Learn More…


Minimize Exposure to Environmental Toxins to Optimize Fertility

By Christina Pistotnik |

We are constantly being exposed to environmental toxins on a daily bases however we can take some control back by making lifestyle and environmental changes. By changing some of the products we use we are capable of decreasing our exposure to these harmful toxins that negatively affects our fertility and overall health.  Learn More…


When to Get a Second Opinion

By Cecil Horwitz |

Receiving multiple perspectives can be useful in considering how varying medical decisions may affect daily life, in the present and in the future, and in helping decide on a course of treatment with the best outcome and fit for the individual.
Learn More…


Mindfulness Techniques for Busy Life

By Brittany Sales |

A little mindfulness can go a long way for preparing you for the day and ensuring you start off in a peaceful and balanced manner. Learn More…


What’s the Big Deal About GMOs?

By Genevieve Boyer |

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about genetically modified organisms in our food, so what’s the big deal? Avoiding GMO foods is actually a really important part of keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy, and here is why, in a nutshell.

Learn More…

Baby's ear

Treating Ear Infections Naturally

By Cecil Horwitz |

For parents of young children, it is clear that ear pain or earache can be a major childhood discomfort.
Learn More…

Naturopath  - Poster (1)

Naturopathic Medicine Summary and FAQ

By Kirti Deol |

Thinking about trying holistic health methods? Learn more about Naturopathic Medicine and book an appointment for a complimentary 15-minute naturopathic consultation! Learn More…


Age and Fertility Decline in Women

By Cecil Horwitz |

As the aging female body can have negative effect on reproductive outcomes, it is important to discuss and explore what age-related decline in female fertility means. Learn More…


What is Naturopathic Medicine?

By Kirti Deol |

Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that addresses the root causes of illnesses and promotes healing, while using an integrative approach to disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Learn More…


What do Acupuncture and the Great Outdoors Have in Common?

By Genevieve Boyer |

I signed up in May for the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30 x 30 Challenge, which involved making the commitment to spend at least 30 minutes in nature for 30 consecutive days in May. Learn More…


HypnoBirthing: Birthing Preparation Course

By Cecil Horwitz |

Leave the fear, drama and hysteria to the movies & t.v. Birthing with confidence, calmness, and ease belongs in real-life birthing! Learn More…